Guacamelee Leaves Smackdown, Is Now Exclusive to Sony

on May 31, 2012 8:40 PM

Indie developer Drinkbox Studios today announced that their luchador-styled metroidvania title Guacamelee will be exclusive to the PS3 and Vita, after garnering support from the Playstation Pub Fund. The upcoming wrasslin’ platformer, featuring down-on-his-luck protagonist Juan Aguacate, will release on PSN some time in early 2013.

Sony has been really great to work with in the past, and we are excited to continue working with them to have the opportunity to bring our new game to their platforms via the Pub Fund program,”

I’m not a particular fan of my PS3, but after a hands-on playthrough of Guacamelee at PAX East ’12, I was absolutely hooked. Juan is too new of a character to be a part of Sony’s upcoming All Stars fighter, but he definitely has enough personality and unique flair to be a part of Sony’s growing list of notable exclusive characters.

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