Guardians of Middle Earth Video Profile Features Galadriel and Ugluk

on August 10, 2012 6:54 PM

A few weeks ago I posted about Guardians of Middle Earth, a console-based multiplayer online battle arena that will act as a tie-in for The Hobbit, which is due to hit theaters this december. Developmed by Monolith studios, today they released the second set of character featurettes, videos that focus on the gameplay behind two champion characters, Galadriel and Ugluk.

Galadriel is a support-based character whose abilities focus on healing her allies while damaging her enemies and obfuscating them from the field of battle. Combined with a passive that grants her extra life the more she uses her abilities, she becomes a very fortified character in late game. Next up, Ugluk exemplifies what it means to produce DPS. Armed with his whip and sword, Ugluk can root enemies and pull himself toward them to make sure he finishes his plate. It will be interesting to see how the MOBA genre works out with a controller. Guardians of Middle Earth is due to hit XBLA and PSN this fall. You can check the current profile video, as well as the previous one for Gollum and Gandalf Below.

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