Guerilla’s New Games Will “Definitely” Revisit Killzone: Shadow Fall’s Feedback System

Guerilla’s New Games Will “Definitely” Revisit Killzone: Shadow Fall’s Feedback System

During the Killzone 10th anniversary livestream hosted by Sony, Guerrilla Games Community Editor Victor Zuylen asked Lead Designer Eric Eric Boltjes if the Killzone Player Voice feedback system would be revisited in the future for other games.

Boltjes answered “definitely,” explaining that it’s been “hugely beneficial” for Guerrilla not only to hear feedback, but also to let the users choose what they feel is important, since you only have so much time when you’re developing in the post-launch, so developers have to choose what to implement, and helping the community choose which issues are most important “helps tremendously.”

According to Boltjes, the system helped Guerrilla to prioritize and to find out things that they didn’t even know yet.

Incidentally, it was rather funny to see how Zuylen tried way too hard to steer clear from talking about Guerrilla’s unannounced new IP by specifying “Obviously we can’t talk about New IP and stuff like that” while he was asking the question. In multiple moments of the livestream he basically did whatever he could to deviate the conversation away form it, even if in this case I’d say it’s pretty safe to assume that the question was related to that as well.

I can’t say I’ve seen a development studio making such an effort to keep its upcoming project as guarded as possible, but considering the fact that Sony studios tends to be affected by leaks more often than a boat with its hull made of Hemmental cheese, and that alleged concept art from the game already appeared online, it’s hard to blame them.