Guerrilla Cambridge’s Unannounced PS4 Exclusive to Have “Photo-Real Lighting” and More

Guerrilla Cambridge’s Unannounced PS4 Exclusive to Have “Photo-Real Lighting” and More

We know that Guerrilla Cambridge is working on a PS4 game part of a “high profile, multi-million selling franchise,” and a new career opportunity ad seeking a Lighting Artist gives us a further glimpse on what the game’s graphics will entail.


SCEE’s Guerrilla Cambridge Studio is looking for a talented lighting artist to join their art team. In this role you will light levels to a high visual standard based on concept art and direction from your lead. You will also need to balance lighting requirements between visuals, gameplay navigability and technical restrictions.


Your portfolio should:

  • Show that you are passionate about, and have a good knowledge of, lighting, rendering, shading and colour.
  • Demonstrate photo-real lighting of environments, either in stills or motion.
  • Contain both real time and fully offline renders.
  • Demonstrate advanced skills of modeling, shading and texturing in any relevant 3D package (Maya preferred).
  • Demonstrate that you can recreate a range of lighting styles.

It would also be beneficial if your portfolio:

  • Demonstrates photo-real lighting of characters, either in stills or motion.
  • Demonstrates environments lit in recent AAA games.
  • Demonstrates environments lit within strict performance budgets.


The ad also continues by mentioning knowledge of modern shader models, in particular physically based materials and lighting and strong interest in cutting-edge game rendering and lighting techniques, indicating that the developer is probably aiming for the new game to be quite the visual showcase.

The use of both pre-baked and fully real time game lighting systems is also mentioned, which should mean that the title will use a mix of both techniques, like The Order: 1886 and other recent games did.

The nature of this game still pretty much a mystery. What could the multi-million selling franchise be? My money is on Killzone, but Sony might be considering to revive Resistance as well.