Guerrilla Games Aims to Improve Core Engine and Tools While We’re Waiting to See their New PS4 Game

on March 25, 2015 5:40 PM

We know that Guerrilla Games is working on a new PS4 game. A few assets were leaked, but the studio and Sony are still keeping the project closely under wraps. In the meanwhile, though, they’re also working to improve the tools the game is built on behind the scenes, as revealed by a few career opportunity ads for a Senior Systems Programmer, a Lead Tools Programmer, a Senior Tools Programmer and a Senior Tech Artist / Senior TD.

We are looking for a senior systems programmer to help improve our core engine. The core engine is in charge of processing large amounts of complex data, ensuring a smooth flow from the hands of the developers, through various build servers and optimization steps, into the final game.It integrates with all game sub systems and as a critical part of the development process it needs to be very reliable and have very good performance. The core engine itself is an integral part of the game engine, written in C++, while some of the surrounding tools are made in C#. All are maintained and developed by the tools team, which takes input from all disciplines (art, design & coding) to help streamline the entire game creation process, always trying to increase productivity and creative freedom.


Guerrilla is looking for a Lead Tools Programmer to drive its Tools division. Our tools team develops standalone digital content creation (DCC) tools, as well as editing functionality integrated in game or in Maya. We are looking for an experienced and passionate DCC tools developer to lead and inspire this team. Our studio produces games using an advanced proprietary engine, and our artists and designers require a large number of custom tools to work effectively. The quality of these tools is absolutely critical to our continued success as a developer, so the effort to produce them needs to be directed by somebody with a true passion for DCC tools development and the ability to convey this to the rest of the team.

You will need to work together with designers, artists and other users of the tools to really understand their existing workflow, identify ways in which this can be improved, and guide the team in implementing the needed solutions. The tools are developed mostly in C++ (based on our engine libraries and Qt), with quite a few C# and Python tools to fill in the gaps.


Guerrilla is recruiting for a Senior Tools Programmer to reinforce its Tools & Tech division. Our tools team develops standalone tools (mostly written in C++, sometimes in C# or Python), as well as our own editor integrated with the game or Maya. It is also responsible for the asset pipeline, ensuring a smooth flow from the hands of the developers, through various build servers and optimization steps and into the final game.

As a tools programmer, you will help streamline the entire game creation process taking input from all disciplines. You’ll work together with designers, artists and other programmers to analyze their workflow, identify areas for improvement, and implement tools and processes to increase their productivity and creative freedom. You’ll be shaping the future of our game editor and turning complicated graphics algorithms into elegant one click solutions. You’ll develop new tools and improve existing ones, keeping a strong focus on the user interface and the underlying workflow process.


Do you have a passion for innovation and a flexible mindset? Guerrilla is looking for a Senior TD or Senior Technical Artist with a broad understanding of games and graphics technology, who will co-manage, advise on and participate in the technical art process. Tasks include developing new tools, techniques and processes for the Art teams, supporting other technical artists, and working alongside our tech team to integrate new technologies into our pipeline. You will be the first point of contact with other teams, working to indentify needed improvements to our art production pipeline and then implement them.

Considering the four position offered focusing on similar areas, it’s pretty evident that Guerrilla aims to accelerate the improvement of its engine and internal tools quite steeply.

While Killzone: Shadow Fall was technically sound, it definitely had room for improvement. It’ll be interesting to see just how far Guerrilla will manage to bring its next game. Hopefully we’ll see at least a glimpse at E3 or Gamescom.

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