Guerrilla Games’ New PS4 Exclusive to Have Improved Facial Animation, Environment Interaction and More

Guerrilla Games’ New PS4 Exclusive to Have Improved Facial Animation, Environment Interaction and More

We know that Guerrilla Games is currently working on a new PS4 exclusive, which is rumored to be an RPG code named “Horizon,” for which a key art piece was also recently leaked, and today we get some information on what improvements we can expect on the animation side thanks to a career opportunity ad seeking an Animation Systems Programmer.

Guerrilla is looking for an Animation Systems Programmer to improve and extend the animation technology used in our upcoming titles. As the successful candidate, you will work together with other programmers, animators, riggers and designers to enhance our titles in areas like character movement, character interaction with the environment, hit responses, facial animation, procedural animation and in-game cut scenes. In addition, you will be responsible for optimizing the performance of our animation technology.

It’ll be interesting to see how far the folks at Guerrilla will be able to push the animation of the new game, especially considering that Killzone Shadowfall’s facial animation was good, but fell slightly into the realm of the uncanny valley.

A second career opportunity ad for a Senior Character Animator gives us more info:

Guerrilla is looking for a senior in-game character animator with extensive experience animating realistic humanoid action movement and working with animation networks. As the successful candidate, you will hand keyframe and/or work with mocap to create real-time movement with a focus on quality and realism, while co-operating with game designers and programmers to fulfill tasks according to the production plan.

The ad also mentions the ability to create “realistic animations that have weight and personality.” Looks like we’re in for a treat from the animation point of view.

Personally, I can’t wait to see what Horizon (or whatever its final title will end up being) will look and play like. Guerrilla Games has done great games in the Killzone series, but it was time for them to create something new, and this may just hit the sweet spot.