Guerrilla Games on PS4’s Future: “Still a Lot to Discover;” Talks 1080p, New IP and Relationship with Sony

Guerrilla Games on PS4’s Future: “Still a Lot to Discover;” Talks 1080p, New IP and Relationship with Sony

Guerrilla Games Senior Online Producer Samrat Sharma is currently holding an AMA on Reddit he discussed in quite some depth the relationship between the developer and Sony both at the outset of the generation and more in general:

Sony was very open to working with developers such as ourselves when they started making the PS4, and for us to be able to feed back this early on the dev cycle of new hardware meant we could gave game dev feedback and have that fruition into something amazing.
I talk on this AMA about our feedback impacting the triggers on the controller, for example.

Sony has a great publishing team that helps us a lot. And having access to smart people who can analyse our data is a major bonus. Additionally being part of the Sony family gives us access to cool developers across the world, and we are always in awe of the amazing talent at work there.

Sony gives us all the freedom to make something we want to. We feel strongly about the themes we explore in Killzone too.

Speaking of the relationship with Sony, better not expect Killzone: Shadow Fall for PlayStation Plus instant game collection anytime soon:

The Plus team consults with game studios, this is something the Plus team controls. My guess? No. We have just reduced price to 39.99 EUR/USD, and expect a lot of price sensitive players to take advantage of that.

Sharma also explained the difference between launch games and those that come later in a console’s life cycle, and elaborated on what he expects from PS4 development in the future:

Tthe further into a console’s cycle you o, the more a) collective knowledge there is to draw from, b) established your engine is, allowing you to do more on top of it. So rather than making new tyres and steering and engine, you have a car and you can add more features and make it perform better.

There is still a lot to discover in what we can do with the PS4, so I expect a lot more refined artistry. Since the hardware was evolving with our game dev, we would build a bunch of different and new tools for the new game as the hardware is now locked.

People forget, but we were a PC developer once.
I think user created content has great potential, though not as easily implemented in consoles, as by their nature they are closed ecosystems for players. Still, some games like Little Big Planet and Far Cry 2 have done amazing things. We have moved on to a far more mature console cycle, and I think user created content can be addressed in consoles in interesting ways. I can’t wait for developers who address this on the PS4.

We also get a comment on the 1080p hot button topic, that caused quite a lot of controversy with Killzone: Shadow Fall, also touching on hype and expectations.

It is frustrating not as a developer but whilst managing community expectations as everyone has different definitions of native 1080p, and some shortcuts are accepted and some aren’t. It’s very odd. Example: most games have sub 1080p FX that they scale up for 1080p, and that is typically expected/not noticed.
But as long as we make the smoothest and best looking game we can, we think we doing our job well.

I don’t think the industry thinks that we fall short of expectations – we are friends with a lot of developers and the respect amongst us is mutual.
That being said, the nature of our game – a graphical powerhouse shooter exclusive to a Sony console – means we get judged on many other criteria too. We are totally comfortable with that too.

He also gave some very interesting information on what could make the new upcoming IP recognizable as a Guerrilla game.

Apart from graphical and technical prowess, Guerrilla’s Games have always been about exploring the world in terms of what it means for a normal, common person to inhabit a world of such fantastic goings on. Whether it be a foot soldier just following orders and inching forward or refugees who just want a place to call home in SF, we have always been on the side of the regular Joe. I hope this sense of understanding major events and powers through the impact on individuals pervades all our games.

Someone also asked “Will you make a game with dinosaurs in it. And mechs. And then dinosaur mechs? This is important,” obviously referencing Shinobi602’s rumor on the content of the new IP, and Sharma responded tongue-in-cheek:

It is, and I am taking it to the management!

When asked what kind of game the new IP will be, he provided another tongue-in-cheek answer:

An awesome one.

As a final added bonus, Sharma also talked about a very interesting concept for a new game in the Killzone universe, but hold your horse, it’s just a personal idea, so don’t go thinking it’ll actually happen.

Personally (just me saying this) I would love to make a procedural type action adventure game investigating crimes as a detective on the streets of Vekta City on both sides of The Wall.