Guerrilla Games Teases New PS4 Remasters Announcements, Talks new IP, Praises Sony’s First Party Studios

Guerrilla Games Teases New PS4 Remasters Announcements, Talks new IP, Praises Sony’s First Party Studios

Guerrilla Games Senior Online Producer Samrat Sharma is holding an AMA on Reddit at the moment, and he dropped some quite interesting pieces of information for us to enjoy:

First of all, he responded to an user asking when we’ll see a remastered version of Killzone 2 on PS4. While he wasn’t sure about that specific game, he mention that we should expect announcements to that effect in the future:

Well, it’s not a when, but an if. : )
To be fair, there is a lot of thought being put into, at the Sony level, on how to handle our digital library for the PS4. Expect announcements to that effect at some point in the future.

A possible remake of Killzone: Liberation was also mentioned, even if there are no plans in place, so don’t start saving for it just yet:

We love Liberation too. No plans yet, but we all have a soft spot for it, so you never know.

In the meantime you can download and play it for the Vita today.

Sharma was asked to comment on the other first party studios at Sony, and his answer was diplomatic, but definitely interesting:

Oh gosh, you’re going to get me into trouble, I can tell.
All of them are great, I think, and that’s not a cop-out. If you think about it, no one does cinematic action adventure like ND, no one does hand crafted child like wonder than MM, no one does baseball like San Diego, an no one does racing like Polyphony, to name just a few.
And then you add to the mix that almost all these studios have something else they’re good at if not up their sleeve right now, it makes for a great family to work with.
We’re proud of all their achievements, as much as we hope they’re proud of ours.

We then learn that Sony has its own playtesters and research groups that work across studios to help polish games as much as possible:

We do all the time. Usually we get our Sony playtest and user research groups to conduct those.

We also got a comment on the dreaded crunch time, and how it works at Guerrilla Games:

Crunch is an awful reality for many game studios, for sure. We have it too, but it is managed well. GG ensures we are fed (we have a mess with a cook who makes real food, so no crappy Pizza for us, which is a win) and warm, and all our family needs are met. But still non crunch times are any developers favourite.

Ultimately, we work crazy hours and weekends just to ensure we make something many people get to enjoy, so thanks for taking the time to express concern.

Finally, Sharma mentioned that unfortunately the new PS4 IP the studio is working on won’t be shown just yet, but the team is very positive on how it’s evolving:

Great, the team is very positive about the work they’ve put in so far and the results.

No, we won’t be showing it right now. Simple reason: we are confident enough in the game, but it’s not something we can show and expect reasonable feedback. There is simply a lot of work that we need to do before we show it to our fans.

It’s worth mentioning that the question was if we’ll see a glimpse of the new IP before E3, but the wording of the answer almost surely indicates that it won’t be at E3 as well.

Update: Sharma later confirmed that the new IP won’t be at E3.