Guerrilla Games’ Unannounced PS4 Game To Have Photorealistic Organic and Inorganic Materials and More

Guerrilla Games’ Unannounced PS4 Game To Have Photorealistic Organic and Inorganic Materials and More

Guerrilla Games and Sony Computer Entertainment have been keeping the developer’s upcoming PS4 game under closed curtains, and while we have seen some leaked artwork, there’s still a lot that we don’t know about the game.

A career opportunity ad seeking a Shader & Texture Artist gives us a glimpse on what we can expect from the game’s visuals:


Guerrilla is looking for a Shader & Texture Artist to strike the right node! As the successful candidate, you’ll develop the artistic look of the material expressions in our game world. Using your considerable expertise in photography, Photoshop and node-based shader creation tools, you will craft photorealistic organic and inorganic material looks, as well as complex animated special effect shaders such as water, fire and smoke. You’ll work with the Art Director, Asset Artists and Environment Artist to achieve a consistent, high-quality style. In addition, you will tutor other artists in shading techniques, and work with our Engine programmers to identify and develop new techniques.


Ready to compare nodes? We want to hear from you if:

  • You’re an excellent Texture Artist with a good eye for photorealism.
  • Prior work experience in either games or movie industry will certainly help, but what is more important is that you have keen technical instincts heaps of raw talent and a burning passion to make assets look extremely polished.
  • You have developed a really deep understanding of modern procedural texture generation tools such as Substance Designer or Quixel Suite and can use it to create a wide variety of stunning tooling shaders in tools such as Maya, Unreal or Unity’s node-based shader graphing tools.
  • You possess excellent Photoshop skills, but find yourself more and more attracted to procedural techniques.
  • You have a good understanding of memory and performance constraints, and know how to optimize shaders while maintaining high quality;
  • You have a good general understanding of modeling, animation, UV mapping and rendering.. but your true passion is working with materials and getting assets to look spectacular within our games.
  • You work fast. You are meticulous, perfectionistic, but always pragmatic.
  • You have strong artistic instincts. You are accepting of new processes and methods, but can also analyse and argument their cons and pros. And you prefer to get direct and honest critique and feedback.
  • You love sharing your knowledge and teaching artists around you the latest tricks and best practices.
  • You may have never coded your own shader before, but one day you want to be able to.


Materials are one of the elements that most contribute to creating the visual mood of a game, and their look depends in large part on textures and shaders.

In this case, we can expect photorealistic materials, which means that Guerrilla isn’t straying from what the studio knows how to do well.

Considering the artwork we’ve seen, I actually expected a more stylized look compared to the latest Killzone games, but it’ll be interesting to see if they’ll manage to get closer to photorealism compared to Killzone: Shadow Fall.

Incidentally, the talk about procedural texture generation might cause some confusion among those not familiar with the concept. The ad isn’t talking about procedural generation within game, but simply the use of procedural tools to create seamless textures that can then be used to create the game.