Guided Fate Paradox Comes To American Shores Along With An Epic Trailer, Screenshots, and Details

Guided Fate Paradox Comes To American Shores Along With An Epic Trailer, Screenshots, and Details

Nippon Ichi Software America have just released new details on their newest game: Guided Fate Paradox.

Guided Fate Paradox follows high school student Renya Kagurazaka, who has had the luck of becoming a god by winning a lottery by mail. Renya must travel through “The Copy World” using the Fate Revolution Circuit in order to affect changes in the “Original World” and make people’s wishes come true. But, there may be some other force at will that he has to contend with…

The characters (who can be seen below in the trailer and screenshots) are:

Renya Kagurazaka: A normally unlucky high school boy who was beckoned by a girl in a mall dressed as a maid, named Lilliel. She gets him to try his hand at a lottery, and tried out a machine expecting to win nothing. Instead, he won the Grand Prize… to become God.

Lilliel (Novice Angel): A kind, cheerful and diligent angel specially assigned to Renya, and tasked with assisting him in fulfilling people’s wishes. Since she is new to her job, she’s more accustomed to doing things by the book.

Other Angels: There will be more angel who will assist Renya, including: Kuroiel Ryuzaki, the “Nurturing Angel;” Cheriel Ayanokoji, the “Impish Angel;” Neliel Tojo, the “Shut-in Angel;” and Lanael Shiratori, the “Deluded Angel.”

If it looks like a certain other popular NIS series, it’s because the team behind Guided Fate Paradox has also been developed by the same team that gave us Disgaea: Hour of Darkness, as well as a few other series. As you you can see in the trailer below, Guided Fate Paradox is an SRPG much like Disgaea, but also looks to introduce even new features to the genre.

Guided Fate Paradox will have:

In-depth Customization: Both similar and different to Disgaea, Guided Fate Paradox promises to have “off the wall” armor, weapons, and more, even tank treads or race car parts for legs. In trailer below, you’ll see also mech-spider legs, pirate hooks with custom attacks, a prinny hat, a “boomstick,” dual assault guns, ninja claws, and more. There is also a “strenghening panel,” where players can Renya can power up items in battle to “Burst Mode,” and then power up core stats by placing specially obtained items on the strengthening panel.

3D randomly generated dungeons: Much like Disgaea, Guided Fate Paradox offers a bunch of randomly generation dungeons that players can explore and fight enemies in to level up stats. Each map is rotatable, and features everything from fairy tale castles to zombie-riddle graveyards. In the video below, you can even see platforms that move and allow Renya to move about them on all side. Renya and his team will move around the maps freely, and enemies will be alerted to his prescence when he steps into their field of view. There will also be traps that can hamper Renya’s process or cause status ailments.

Hi-Resolution 3D Sprites: The sprites have been promised to be high-res, and the game based on the artwork of The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya‘s Noizi Ito.

Over the top attacks: Much like Disgaea, Guided Fate Paradox will offer attacks that will “crush your enemies with creativity drizzled with a slight hint of levity.” Items and characters can also be thrown for special attacks. Careful placement can also determine Renya’s attacks, allow for team attacks, and certain stats–like an increased stealth attribute–can give Renya special sneak attacks. Renya can also obtain a powerful “God” form that gives him “extremely powerful” attacks.

Guided Fate Paradox is set to release this Fall 2013 to the PS3: does Guided Fate Paradox look like a game you’d want? Let us know in the comments below, and tell us if you think Guided Fate Paradox can dethrone Disgaea as the most insane SRPG known to man.