Guild of Dungeoneering Gets Trophy Trial Mode and a Free Weekend on Steam

Guild of Dungeoneering Gets Trophy Trial Mode and a Free Weekend on Steam

Gambrinous and Versus Evil announced today that they will be adding a brand new Trophy Trail mode Guild of Dungeoneering on May 18, and will also be holding a Free Weekend for the game on Steam at the same time.

The Free Weekend will run from 10am PT on May 18 until 10am PT on May 22. They also said that the game will be heavily discounted by 60% on Steam during this time. Trophy Trial is a high-score challenge mode that is completely separate from the main campaign. When the game is added on Thursday, it will technically be in a beta state, although everyone who owns the game will be able to play it.

Players begin the mode by choosing which region from the campaign that they would like to play in, and also picking from one of two Dungeoneers, Blessings, Loot upgrades, and Fates, which are new to this mode. Each Fate has both a helpful positive effect and a negative effect on the player. Fates change the rules of the game slightly and are in effect for the entirety of one’s Trophy Trial run.

After choosing those things, players then must take on a series of boss fights that progressively get more difficult. Every time a boss is defeated, players get a trophy, which adds to their high score. After each fight, players must decide whether or not they want to continue in order to get a higher score, or call it quits to keep their current trophies. If a player dies in this mode, they lose everything.

The Trophy Trail update also brings new features like being able to customize one’s dungeoneer’s appearance before you go adventuring, and the ability to watch videos of other player successfully navigating their way through a dungeon.  The Trophy Trial mode also uses some loot and monsters from the Pirates Cove and Ice Cream Headaches expansions, though they don’t seem to be required to play.

You can look at some screenshots of the mode below. Guild of Dungeoneering is available on Android, iOS, Mac, and PC.