Guild Wars 2 Experiences Late Night Woes

on September 23, 2012 12:45 PM

For as fond as I am of Guild Wars 2, the game has unfortunately been riddled with bugs and the occasional server-wide mixup since its release earlier this summer. The most recent hiccup occurred last night, when a vast amount of players were unexpectedly kicked from the game during loading screens. Fortunately, ArenaNet was able to fix the problem relatively quickly after an hour of downtime – but not its consequences.

Of great ire to the players who experienced the bug was the fact that whatever spoils they had earned prior to the kick had mysteriously vanished. To pour salt into the wound, ArenaNet admitted that it is incapable of restoring items, gold, experience, and exploration bonuses to the players, due to the nature of the outage.

The damage isn’t too terrible, but it will be of no surprise to anyone if a portion of the Guild Wars 2 community is testy for a while as a result.

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