Guild Wars 2 Halloween Event ‘Mad Realm’ Returns Tomorrow; Living World Season 2 Coming November 4th

Guild Wars 2 Halloween Event ‘Mad Realm’ Returns Tomorrow; Living World Season 2 Coming November 4th

In a new post on the Guild Wars 2 official website, developer Colin Johanson has revealed a few details of what’s to come in ArenaNet’s pay-once-to-play MMORPG, including the return of holiday events.

Mad Realm, the Halloween event for Guild Wars 2, is set to return tomorrow while Wintersday, the games winter event, will launch on December 16th. The holiday events will feature the same events from last year, but are now refreshed with new reward to earn through these festive seasons.

More importantly, Living World Season 2 is set to launch November 4th. The story will pick up with Tyria preparing for war against the Elder Dragon Mordremoth. The previous arrival of Elder Dragons has caused much destruction, with catastrophic world events like earthquakes, tidal waves and more ravaging the continent. With a new elder dragon stirring, much attention will be placed on stopping it before it can cause a cataclysmic event.

The new focus on taking down Mordermoth could lead to the addition of raids to Guild Wars 2, which has been rumored in the past month as a possibility. Many fans have also been begging for additional zones come to Tyria, and with a threat that could create severe changes to the environment, on has to wonder if that is the endgame that AreneaNet is planning on for this second season. This seemingly is teased in the post, with Johanson writing the following:

The road to war is paved by points of no return. Tyria has already decided to take the battle to Mordremoth. As we go on this journey we’ll learn dark secrets of Tyria’s past, venture into stories with roots deep in the very heart of Guild Wars lore, and visit places that have only been rumored to exist.

Season 2′s final episode will feature an unforgettable end for all of you who go on this journey with us. So make sure to jump in and join the ride starting on November 4.

An unforgettable ending and visiting places that have only been rumored seems like a big tease to some fresh content for the game. Only time will tell, but it seems like it is time for me to brush off my copy, get all the updates I may have missed and get ready to plunge back into Tyria with Mad Realm and the start of Living Season 2.