Guild Wars 2 Living Story Resumes Next Week With Echoes of the Past; New Trailer Released

on October 28, 2014 7:34 PM

Guild Wars 2 is set to resume its ambitious Living Story next week on November 4th with the first update called Echoes of the Past.

Last season’s attack on the Pale Tree has pushed Tyria’s leaders into action and we will see them pushed with the series of events that is to come this season. A war with the Elder Dragon Mordremoth is brewing and the world is getting ready to brace itself from the catastrophic world events like earthquakes, tidal waves and more that will come along with it. With a new elder dragon stirring, it’ll be up to you to stop it before it destroys everything in its path.

The promise of an unforgettable ending seems like there will be some severe repercussions from the events that transpire this season. With a bunch of big baddies shown off in the trailer, it looks like a breadth of fresh content means it’s time to get my friends onto Guild Wars 2 and  ready to plunge back into Tyria this weekend for the ‘Mad Realm’ Halloween event and the start of Living Story season two next week.

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