Guild Wars 2 Revamping PvP To Support More Competitive Play

Guild Wars 2 Revamping PvP To Support More Competitive Play

ArenaNet revealed today that it that they will be releasing significant updates to Guild Wars 2 PvP mode in the coming month. The changes are meant to carve a path for competitive play to grow and become a much larger aspect of the game.

The update, set to release December 2nd, includes significant upgrades to matchmaking, player ranking systems and map selection. Undoubtedly, one of the biggest changes to the games matchmaking algorithm that will move the game to Glicko2 ratings, a widely accepted player skill evaluation method, and include other factors such as player rank and team party size. The updates also introduce the dishonour system that will negatively impact players for such actions as quitting in the middle of competitive matches. These changes are making ArenaNet launch a new Ladder Formula, with the studio conducting a test season next month that could lead toward league play in the near future.

“We are very excited to bring you all of these updates to PvP because they further enhance the experience and commitment to competitive gaming that makes Guild Wars 2 stand out among MMOs,” said John Corpening, Associate Game Director on Guild Wars 2 at ArenaNet, in a blog post on the game’s official site. He continued saying, “…the changes coming in December are another big step in Guild Wars 2‘s dedication to supporting competitive gaming in MMOs. They follow other major steps since launch, such as Reward Tracks, Custom Arenas, Spectator Mode, new maps, and much more, on our path to grow Guild Wars 2‘s PvP for players of all types and skill levels.”

The details on the new PvP changes are rather timely, considering that on December 5th ArenaNet and KongZhong, publisher of Guild Wars 2 in China, will be hosting the first Guild Wars 2 World Tournament Series Championships in Beijing. WTS includes the top teams from North America, Europe and China as they compete for $50,000 in prizes during the event, which will be livestreamed globally on Twitch.

It’s a good time to get in on Guild Wars 2 and find out what its competitive scene is all about as it continues to move forward and evolve as an MMO. Do you play Guild Wars 2 and like the changes you are seeing? Is this a big enough change to suck you in if you aren’t playing the game already?