Guillermo Del Toro Is No Longer Working with Konami on Silent Hills

Guillermo Del Toro Is No Longer Working with Konami on Silent Hills

Rumors started early this morning that Konami had cancelled Silent Hills, due to a tweet by Matt Hackney stating,


Last night at 8pm the Castro Theater in San Francisco hosted a Q&A with Guillermo del Toro where he gave the above statement. Ian Gibson, an assistant to Guillermo del Toro, retweeted Hackney’s tweet, and responded to two tweets regarding the Silent Hills project,

Notice that he refers to the partnership in the past tense, as something that could have been. Today a source confirmed to IGN that the collaboration between Guillermo del Toro and Konami is no longer active, but that Silent Hills has not yet been cancelled.

Actor Norman Reedus, who was set to star in Silent Hills has chimed in on the status of Toro’s involvement, stating:

Additional confirmation comes by way of Remedios Varo from I09 who also attended the event in San Francisco. In the comments section of the article describing the night he confirmed the end of the Silent Hills partnership,

I don’t remember what [Guillermo del Toro] said verbatim, but it’s definitely not happening.

And then over on Twitter he posted this in response to a tweet,

With no official word from Konami, it is hard to determine whether or not Silent Hills is cancelled or simply no longer the game we saw in the trailer that premiered at Tokyo Game Show in 2014.