Guillermo del Toro Says ‘F**K Konami’; Calls Silent Hills Cancellation ‘Moronic’

Guillermo del Toro Says ‘F**K Konami’; Calls Silent Hills Cancellation ‘Moronic’

Guillermo Del Toro, notable filmmaker (Hellboy, Pacific Rim, etc.), who collaborated with Hideo Kojima on the cancelled Silent Hills game, took to Twitter following last night’s Game Awards, and provided some choice words for game publisher Konami.

As you may know, Del Toro has a plethora of reasons to strongly dislike Konami. For one, he’s good friends with Hideo Kojima, who according to reports left Konami on lamentable terms. Further, cementing these reports, is a new report from last night that states Kojima had been separated from the rest of Metal Gear Solid 5’s development team during the last six months of the game’s development.

Further, Konami also prevented Hideo Kojima from accepting an award last year at The Game Awards for Metal Gear Solid V.

If that wasn’t enough, Konami also cancelled a Silent Hills project Del Toro and Kojima-san were working on together following the PT teaser, despite the teaser receiving oodles of love and anticipation.

Following all of this Kojimi/Konami nonsense the internet adopted the saying “Fuck Konami,” as a way of showing its displeasure towards the publisher. Del Toro adopted that saying in one of his latest tweets:

Del Toro went on to also tweet “VIVA KOJIMA” and “Well deserved, Kojima-San! Banzai!” following Kojima’s Industry Icon award last night.

But Guillermo Del Toro wasn’t done there. No, no, no. Del Toro then went on to throw one more punch at the publisher, saying that the cancellation of Silent Hills after the PT teaser was one of the most moronic things the filmmaker had ever witnessed.

And boom goes the dynamite.

In other news, Guillermo Del Toro might be working with Kojima-san on his upcoming project (which is being published by Sony) called Death Stranding, which received a new trailer last night. You can check that out here.