New Guilty Gear Gets First Details and New Trailer at Tokyo Game Show 2019

One of the new Guilty Gear's platforms is PS4, Daisuke Ishiwatari and Akira Katano chatted about the stage change mechanic.

Sega held a stage event for Arc System Work’s new Guilty Gear game on the second day of Tokyo Game Show 2019. The event featured General Director Daisuke Ishiwatari and Director Akira Katano. A new trailer was revealed as well.

Daisuke Ishiwatari first explained how come he has so many roles on the Guilty Gear series. Back when they started it nearly 20 years ago, they were a very small team, so he naturally had to handle as many roles as possible, and it stayed this way till now. Hence why he’s still in charge and/or has the final words on everything from chara design to the OST.

Next, they showed again the EVO reveal trailer. Ishiwatari and Katano commented the trailer. Ishiwatari mentioned he was pretty anxious when it got revealed at Evo, but everyone ended up being hyped by the trailer.

Ishiwatari said nearly all the teaser, except the short sequence at the end with the new character, is actual gameplay and not something they made as a trailer.

Ishiwatari also spoke on the chara design, with how Sol has even more belts now, and for the first time is wearing a tank-top-like outfit beneath his jacket.

Next, they explained how this particular scene in the teaser is pretty much “one of the game’s biggest selling points”. When certain conditions meet, the fighters change battle locations like this, with different stages being connected this way. The colors and lightning during these transitions are directed to look as close as anime as possible. Katano mentioned there are “multiple gimmicks related to this mechanic, and it’s not a simple battle stage change” and they’ll reveal more later.

The camera directing was also handled by Ishiwatari, This time, when strong attacks activate, there are no cuts, and the camera instead zooms in on the character. Ishiwatari wanted to make things as seamless as possible.

The characters’ expressions are extremely detailed too. Ky got 12 different expressions there, but in real-time it only lasts around one second. This is more shots than in an actual anime and Katano said it’s pretty much “3D Sakuga”.

Katano mentioned Ishiwatari is someone who loves breaking conventions and going for unusual things, echoing the previous comments about how this new game is a “complete rebuild” of the series.

Next, they commented on the new character shown at the end of the teaser. Seeing this is a brand new game, they wanted to immediately show at least one brand new character in its reveal video. They hesitated a lot on whether only show his silhouette to tease, or completely reveal the character too. Just like Ky’s facial animations, they made the new character’s transformation ultra-detailed.

Lastly, they revealed a new trailer, introducing more Sol and Ky gameplay, and revealing May.

The new Guilty Gear game will be playable at ArcREVO America 2019, held from November 16 to November 17 in Los Angeles. Another trailer will be published at CEO Taku from September 27 to 29. While unofficially confirmed for now,  one of the platforms revealed for the game is PS4. This was revealed as the game was listed for PS4 on Sega’s TGS schedule.

Tokyo Game Show 2019 is ongoing until September 15.

Iyane Agossah

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