Guitar Hero 5 Leaked On To Torrent Sites

Guitar Hero 5 Leaked On To Torrent Sites

It seems like the latest game to fall victim to game piracy is Activision’s own pride and joy: Guitar Hero 5. The latest iteration of the king of rhythm games was due to hit shelves on September 1st … but is now hitting hard drives all over the interwebs. It wasn’t just the leak of one SKU as both the XBOX 360, and Wii versions are now readily available. I know the cost of games can be steep but piracy is just wrong. Guess someone at Activision has got some explaining to do.picture-25

7 responses to “Guitar Hero 5 Leaked On To Torrent Sites”

  1. Andrew says:

    How do companies stand to make money on the Xbox 360 and Wii if this keeps happening?

  2. […] Guitar Hero 5 Leaked On To Torrent Sites via Dualshockers – De ESA weet al welke games het zal gaan testen op piraterij in december 2009. Guitar Hero 5 zou inmiddels immers al wijdverspreid zijn via de minder legale kanalen van het web, terwijl de titel pas op 1 september het daglicht zal zien. Zowel de Xbox 360- als de Wii-versie zijn reeds te vinden, maar dat betekent uiteraard niet dat jij nu naar die ene, welbekende site moet gaan surfen! Foei! […]

  3. Steve says:

    All articles like this do is advertise that the game is available on torrent sites and encourage piracy.

    And I expect one of the main reasons that guitar hero games get pirated is that they are churning out 5 of these games a year expecting consumers to spend $200+ a year on this franchise alone.

    Also your statement that someone at activision has some explaining to do is pretty stupid. It’s only 2 days from release so its more likely that best buy or one of the online retailers has had their shipment of the game in and one of their employees has “borrowed” a copy.

  4. Tone says:

    Not for anything but where has the OP been for the past 3 years with this generation of consoles?

    Almost EVERY game is leaked onto those sites…

    seriously… this is NON news.

    BTW just about every movie made is also leaked.

    Do I approve? no… but thats what it is.

  5. jackdaddy says:

    haha. If it was any other company i would probably feel a bit sorry for them, but seeing as they are gonna make enough money from MW2 to buy a small country, they can bend over and take it lol. Piss off gamers, and things like this happen lads……..

  6. ronnie says:

    yeah um, guitar hero has made so much money off of retarded people incapable of playing a real instrument, making the same game over and over again with little enhancments.

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