Guitar Hero is Finally Taking a Hike

Guitar Hero is Finally Taking a Hike


Guitar Hero games got old pretty quick, but that didn’t stop Activision from releasing more of them than they should have had the right to in absolutely no time at all. One thing led to another and then, boom! This Hero game and that Hero game are everywhere, and it isn’t like they’re getting worlds better with each iteration, it was just milking. Don’t forget the overpriced peripherals and bundles needed to even play.

Activision must have caught a whiff of how bad it all smelled because the publisher revealed earlier this year that they would lay off of the music games. Just as quickly though, they assured whatever fans were left that they’d continue supporting the games with DLC for some time. Fast-forward to now and all the DLC has been sold. They’ve squeezed every red cent they wished out of gamers and now that’s the last we’ll hear from the series for some time, as explained by Community Manager Dan Amrich:

“With the release of April’s downloadable Track Packs, Guitar Hero as a franchise goes on vacation until further notice.”

They’re also giving some stuff away so, hit the source for that. Don’t lament on what is really a joyous occasion. Think of the Guitar Hero series as a severely wounded puppy that is clearly in excruciating pain. Sure everyone wants it to live, but it is unhappy and tortured so it gets put out of its misery. Activision will just continue milking the cream out of some other franchise that hasn’t been interesting or innovative in years, right Activision?

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