Guitar Hero Van Halen Delayed On PS3

You’ve probably been sitting in front of your PS3 rocking your ass out to Guitar Hero 5, and noticing one thing: uh, you don’t have your free copy of Guitar Hero: Van Halen. What is up with that, you ask? Here’s some news. *Looks about, and whispers* While every other console is getting their groove on with Van Halen, you PS3 owners are getting shafted with an apologetic email as to why you have yet to receive your copy of the freebie. Here’s part of that email, folks:

“Unfortunately, we made a printing error on the package of Guitar Hero Van Halen. Fortunately, we caught and remedied the error prior to sending your disc. Our effort to ensure a completely positive customer experience has resulted in a slight delay in shipping your copy of the game.”

We know you’ve been practicing your arses off in readying for the Van Halen game, but, as per Activision, they’ll be mailing the games out sometime this week; meaning that you might be getting your copy – praying there isn’t anymore “printing errors” – next week.

If anyone has any idea what this printing error was, please let us know so that we can ridicule Activision for it. Pretty please. We promise to send you a crate full of that school chocolate milk everyone used to love. And we all know how that that is.

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Yaris Gutierrez

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