A Gummy’s Life Packs Candy-Fueled Chaos onto Nintendo Switch

A Gummy’s Life Packs Candy-Fueled Chaos onto Nintendo Switch

A Gummy's Life lands on Nintendo Switch next week with a wealth of bite-sized fighters and a wide range of increasingly bizarre arenas.

Nintendo Switch is home to many brilliantly bizarre games and the equally unusual A Gummy’s Life is set to join its ranks later this month.

In a similar fashion to Gang Beasts, the idea behind A Gummy’s Life is to knock your confectionary-based opponents off platforms or into obstacles in order to win the match. Throughout the trailer we see gummies of all shapes and flavors being tossed overboard from moving trains, crushed by boulders, sliced up by circular buzzsaws, and splattered by oncoming traffic. Armed with punches, kicks, and throws, these delicious little dudes are ready to take the fight to its ridiculous extreme.

Each of the gummy characters has different stats that dictate their place within the fight as they battle it out against a range of sweets across 15 unique maps including beehives, soccer pitches, and volcanoes. The chaos continues online with the title’s multiplayer supporting up to eight brawling candies at any one time. Along with this, there are a number of different modes to test your sugary skills in.  Team-based battles and free-for-alls are available, but there are also hot potato and king of the hill modes to keep the title feeling fresh.

A Gummy’s Life will be arriving on Switch as a digital download next week on September 25. The game is also available now on Steam.