Gun Gun Pixies Announced in the West for Switch, Steam

PQube is bringing Gun Gun Pixies to the west on PC and Switch. The PS Vita game from the developers of Bullet Girls released in 2017 in Japan.

March 4, 2019

PQube announced it will bring Gun Gun Pixies in North America and Europe in 2019, on Switch and PC via Steam. The game first released in Japan on PS Vita, in April 2017.

As explained in one of the trailers we covered back in 2017, Gun Gun Pixies stars two aliens from Pandemo, a technology-advanced planet whose civilization is on the decline because they stopped caring about human relations, so their birth rate plummeted. The two alien protagonists go to earth in a girls’ school dorm to try and get data on how relationships work to save their planet. As the two alien girls are much smaller in size than humans, they can easily spy on them, collect coins in the rooms, and shoot the small enemies hindering them. But at the same time, they’re highly vulnerable and need to be careful not to get squashed by the girls.


There are five girls the aliens need to observe, and if they’re about to get discovered, most of the time, they can pose as if they’re anime figures to trick them. Gun Gun Pixies is basically a third-person shooter + infiltration game with a dose of sexual fanservice. You can see that in one of the gameplay trailers. The game has a photo mode too.

Gun Gun Pixies was published by Compile Heart in Japan, and the game was developed by Shade, the studio who makes the Bullet Girls games. As such Gun Gun Pixies‘ gameplay is very similar to Bullet Girls. Bullet Girls 1 and 2 were on PS Vita, while the third game Bullet Girls Phantasia was on PS4 and Vita. None of them released outside Japan, so it’s pretty surprising to see that Gun Gun Pixies will, and 2 years after its Japanese release. Bullet Girls Phantasia did receive an English release though, through the Asian version of the game. 

Gun Gun Pixies‘ chara designer is Katsuyuki Hirano, who handled the character design on the Spectral Souls series, the Agarest Senki series, and of Moero Chronicle.

PQube also published a trailer for the game which you can find below. The Day One Switch version of Gun Gun Pixies will include an artbook, you can check the details on the official site.

Iyane Agossah

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