PS Vita Exclusive Gun Gun Pixies's Japanese Release Date Revealed; New Screenshots Shared

December 6, 2016

Compile Heart’s newest PlayStation Vita exclusive title, Gun Gun Pixies, is set to release in Japan on March 23, as revealed today by the upcoming issue of Dengeki PlayStation, leaked by Hachima Kikou. On top of that, some screenshots were released by Dengeki Online.

More information regarding the game’s gameplay was shared as well. In a special mission called “Maiden Crush Warfare”, which occurs only when players reach a certain story milestone the game, the objective is to not get crushed  by the girls inside their dorm while they do activities like yoga. Yeah.

As a bonus for pre-ordering the game, players will get a code for a “White Soul Combat Outfit U&K.” The Gun Pic edition of the game includes a picture book, drama CD, and original soundtrack.


For those unfamiliar, the game’s plot revolves around the protagonist’s planet being threatened by another planet and aliens not getting married to each other anymore because no one trusts each other. As a way to ameliorate the situation, they decide to go to Earth in order to examine human relations…

A third-person shooter-type gun action adventure game, players will take control of an alien space girl who’s goal is to infiltrate a woman’s dorm. Getting discovered by a resident results in a game over, with some missions involving baths, of course.

A teaser trailer released last month can be found here.


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