Gun Loco Takes a Shot at 3rd Person Shooting

By Jon Ireson

August 16, 2010

Gun Loco has been announced today for the Xbox 360 by publisher Square Enix. This original take on the third person shooter comes with 12 player online multi-player across various game-modes that will challenge players to use their environment to its full potential by making use of sprinting, vaulting, and even something similar to parkour (the physical discipline of getting from point A to point B using the human body and overcoming objects in its path).

Each character in Gun Loco will have a unique ‘kill-move’ and taunt. In a world with nothing left but self preservation through battle factions face off in an epic struggle for dominance. The art style present is pretty original compared with recent entries into the third person shooter genre and seem to go all the way at making this game stand out from the rest. The capitals of the world’s abandoned society’s will be the main locales showcased as the bullets start flying and mayhem ensues.

Hit the break for the release window, screens, and information about the creative vision behind the characters of Gun Loco, Kenny Wong.

GUN LOCO’s characters feature a unique visual style with each created from the original design concepts of respected designer and toy maker Kenny Wong. Founder of kennyswork, Co-founder of Hong Kong-based Brothersfree and co-creator of the cult Brothersworker series of collectible action figures, Kenny’s incredible design style and unique characterization are a perfect fit for the bizarre world of GUN LOCO. Painstakingly crafted by hand, each comic caricature has been designed from scratch as a real, posable action figure in the Brothersworker vein before being digitally scanned into the game. GUN LOCO brings these memorable misfits and surreal sociopaths to life through animation, audio and unforgettable action gameplay.

Gun Loco is expected to release in 2011.

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