Gundam Breaker Lets You Hack and Slash With Your Own Custom Gundam

Gundam Breaker Lets You Hack and Slash With Your Own Custom Gundam

The extensive video (which you can view below) showcases all of the features and changes that Gundam Breaker is bringing to their game, a game about plastic Gundam models battling it out in real life locations.

Yeah, just go with it.

A ton of feedback came from the publisher Namco Bandai and developer Crafts & Meister’s recent beta test, which had more than 500,000 players who downloaded it onto their PS3’s in Japan. The game features just about every major Gundam as a model, the ability to customize them with just about every Gundam piece available (which you can view in some of the screenshots in the gallery below), and dueling in real-like locations, like mountains, facilities, and… giant gambling tables?

Japan, I love you.

Even if you don’t understand the video, check out the awesome battles between all of the custom Gundams within, including one against a gigantic Gundam modeled after the life-sized Gundam statue in Tokyo.

The game will also have captains who assist players during battles in the retail version, online play, virtual allies based on certain personalities (like “big sister,” or “maniac Zion model builder”) for players who prefer to play offline or alone,, networking features like password protected rooms, friend invites, and voice chatting capabilities, and more.

The game is set to release in Japan on June 27th to the PS3, and sometime later this year for the PS Vita. Whether this game is coming to Western shores anytime soon is unknown, but if you’re a big Gundam fan (like myself) then cross your fingers.

[Big thanks to Siliconera]