Gundam Extreme VS. Maxi Boost ON is Coming to PS4 [UPDATE]

A PS4 port has been announced for the 2016 2v2 Arcade title, Mobile Suit Gundam Extreme VS. Maxi Boost ON.

UPDATE: Bandai Namco has confirmed via tweet that Mobile Suit Gundam Extreme Versus Maxi ON will be coming to the Americas as well this year.

As reported by Gematsu, it was announced this morning during a live stream that the PlayStation 4 will be receiving a port of the 2016 arcade game, Mobile Suit Gundam Extreme Versus Maxi ON. The game currently has a 2020 release planned for Japan, with no word of a western release just yet. More information will be coming shortly as a playable demo of the PS4 version will be available at the Taipei Game Show in early February, along with a special stage event on the 6th.

Extreme VS. is a series of 2v2 action arena fighters, packed full of mobile suits from across the franchise’s history. The 2016 arcade version sports a huge roster of well over 183 different suits from over 30 different series, all of which appear to be making the jump over to the home console release.

With the recent western releases of Gundam games these past few years, I think it is a safe bet that we will be getting this installment locally as well. Back in 2017, we got our first official localization of this style of Gundam games with Gundam Versus, a game that is technically a successor to Maxi Boost On which is releasing this year. While I will never pass up a new home console game, I find it a bit disappointing that we are getting this title instead of the more recent Gundam Extreme Vs. 2 that’s been out in arcades for a couple of years now. My only guess is that they don’t want to take away from money generated by the newer arcade cabinets, opting to release the previous game instead to PS4.

I’ve personally had a lot of fun with this series, having imported the original Extreme Vs. on the PS3 and previously playing a ton of Gundam Versus when it released on the PS4 back in 2017. With such a large roster, paired with music from the shows, there was never a shortage of hype while playing.

What I’m waiting to see is what new modes and units will be offered for Gundam Extreme VS. Maxi Boost ON for PS4. Being a 4-year-old game at this point, we have to be getting some console exclusive units, right? Right?

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