Gundam Extreme Vs MaxiBoost ON Launches July 30 on PS4, First Trailer

Gundam Extreme Vs MaxiBoost ON Launches July 30 on PS4, First Trailer

Mobile Suit Gundam Extreme VS MaxiBoost ON will get a PlayStation 4 Closed Beta in April, registrations for it are now open.

Bandai Namco announced Mobile Suit Gundam Extreme Vs MaxiBoost ON will launch in Japan and America on July 30, exclusively on PlayStation 4. The announcement was made during the Gundam Console Games Festival Spring 2020 stream, held today on March 23.

Moreover, a Closed Beta for Gundam Extreme VS. MaxiBoost ON will be held from April 25-27. Registrations are open from now to April 10 on this page. Selected participants will be notified on April 17, and a pre-download for the Beta will happen from April 17-25.

Gundam Extreme VS. MaxiBoost ON has split-screen local multiplayer and online multiplayer. It also has 185 playable mecha from 36 different Gundam works, from the original series to Gundam G no Recongusita, Gundam Build Fighters, and Gundam Iron-Blooded Orphans. It also includes many mecha and characters from spinoff manga or novels which sometimes never left Japan. Early print copies of MaxiBoost ON  will include a DLC code to get Gundam IBO‘ Barbatos Lupus Rex. It’s one of the three new playable mecha units added in this console version alongside Zaku Amazing and Montero.

Lastly, as usual in Japan only, the game will get a special Limited Edition with 33 tracks from various Gundam anime series. Nowadays, Bandai Namco always do these kinds of Limited Editions for their crossover mecha games, such as Super Robot Wars games, SD Gundam G Generation games, and Gundam Extreme VS games. If you’re interested in importing this version, more details are at the end of the Japanese version of the trailer.

The new trailer for Gundam Extreme Vs MaxiBoost ON, both the English and the Japanese version, are included below.

The game’s staff and the seiyuu who appeared on the stream posing together. Kengo Kawanishi (Mika) and Ryōta Ōsaka (Genius Klim).

If you’ve never heard of the Mobile Suit Gundam Versus series, it’s basically a 2 vs 2 arena battler initially inspired by Sega’s Virtual-On but which gradually became its own pretty different thing. The Gundam Vs series is a long series of arcade games that started in March 2001 in Japan. Some of the games in the series end up getting console ports nowadays. Gundam Extreme VS. MaxiBoost ON is actually already available on arcades in Japan since March 2016. Another new arcade game, Mobile Suit Gundam Extreme VS 2, was released in October 2018, and has yet to get a console port.