Let it Die Publisher Will Make New Announcements at E3; Has 10 Games in Development

Let it Die Publisher Will Make New Announcements at E3; Has 10 Games in Development

Gung Ho Online Entertainment is going to be at E3, and will make some announcements as the company as many games in the pipeline, some for consoles.

Let it Die publisher Gung Ho Online Entertainment recently released its financial results for the quarter that ended on March 31st, and it included some interesting information about the company’s gaming business.

First of all, the company recorded 21.8 billion yen in revenue and 6.4 billion yen in operating income. While the numbers are in the black, there is a relevant decrease year-on-year.


More interesting is the information found in the presentation slides, which mentions that the company has ten games in development. Some are for consoles, some for smartphones, and some for “other platforms” which aren’t specified.

Even more interesting is the announcement that Gung Ho will be at E3, and promises the announcement of “new information” there.

In the accompanying press release, we read that the growth rate of the mobile market has become slower and more stable compared to the past. On the other hand, the home game market in Japan has grown for the second consecutive year thanks to the strong performance of consoles.

That being said, the publisher’s hit mobile game Puzzles & Dragons reached 48 million downloads in Japan alone.

For the moment, they decided not to disclose a full-year earnings forecast due to sharp short-term changes in the business environment, which makes it difficult to calculate solid figures.

If you want to read more about Gung Ho’s business, you can read our interview with CEO and Executive Producer Kazuki Morishita from last year’s E3.