GungHo Comments on Possibility of Returning to Lunar and Grandia Series

GungHo Comments on Possibility of Returning to Lunar and Grandia Series

GungHo Online Entertainment has several great RPG series in their archives, will we ever see a return of the Lunar and Grandia series?

GungHo Online Entertainment has a large list of IPs in their portfolio, two of which are the Lunar and Grandia series.

During E3 2017, DualShockers sat down with GungHo’s CEO & Executive Producer Kazuki Morishita to ask about the beloved RPG series and if the company plans to ever revive them, Morishita says, “Developing RPGs takes a lot of work. If a good idea does come by, there could be potentially something, but I could never put a hard no on the possibility. However, right now we don’t have anything official to say about that series.”

It was explained that Morishita-san will typically create new concept designs first and then look at his development staff to see who has some time. The small team of typically two or three people will take his design and brush it up a bit. In regards to Lunar and Grandia, “those are something that I didn’t originally create.” Says Morishita-san, adding, “For me to come up with an idea for those series makes it even more difficult.”

Specially about Grandia, Morishita-san teases, “It is Grandia’s 20th anniversary this year and they are in our archives. Potentially, we’d like to do something with them such as what we did with Grandia II and possibly bring more of the series to PC. That’s something we’d like to look at in the future.”

Grandia first launched on the Sega Saturn in 1997, the game spawned a series which lasted until 2005’s Grandia III on the PS2. There was also Grandia Online which had running servers from 2009 to 2012, but never came west.

Most recently, Grandia III launched on PlayStation 3 as a PS2 Classic, but did not receive a release on the PlayStation 4.

Please stay tuned for our full interview with Morishita-san discussing the future of Let it Die and more.