GungHo’s Upcoming Switch Game Will Be a New IP Action Game; Plans to Launch Future Games Globally

GungHo Online Entertainment is currently developing games for the Nintendo Switch, with an intent to launch future releases globally.

on June 17, 2017 1:56 PM

GungHo Online Entertainment, publisher of Grasshopper Manufacture’s most recent game Let it Die, announced their plans to publish a game for Nintendo Switch.

Very little has been said about the game, but during E3 2017, DualShockers had the opportunity to sit down with GungHo’s CEO & Executive Producer Kazuki Morishita to ask if there were any details he can share, he responded, “We can guarantee that one game on Nintendo Switch is in development. The genre will be action and it will be a new IP.”

Western fans wondering if the publisher plans to localize the game, “For GungHo we don’t like to stick to one platform. With new hardware coming out, like the Switch, you can expect that we will also be developing something for that.” Said Morishita-san, he adds, “In general what we want to focus on is creating new games and providing new experiences to play, but not only that, we want those experiences to be played in a global market. Up until now, we’ve developed games in Japan and released them in Japan first and then brought them to the west. What we want to do from now on is to develop games in Japan, but to release them globally.”

Creating new experiences for gamers is something that has worked well for the publisher. Currently, Let it Die has surpassed 3 million downloads, with more updates on the way. Additionally, Let it Die was the first game from the publisher that was released first in the west and later in Japan, showing that the company is focusing on the global market.

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