Gunpoint Developer Tom Francis Starts a Game Maker Tutorial Series

on January 6, 2015 7:53 PM

Tom Francis, developer of Gunpoint and currently working on Heat Signature, has started a new series of videos aimed at people who want to start making video games using the tool Game Maker.

The series is not designed to make you an excellent programmer and send your career into the stratosphere, but rather to help those with absolutely no experience learn the basics of coding. Starting to create a game sounds like a monumental task, but discovering how to make simple creations is the first step toward bigger things. That realization is powerful, and it’s something I think this first video in the series can help instill in many fans who feel that creating a game is impossible.

As someone who owns a copy of Game Maker and has used it for precisely zero projects, I found Francis’ demeanor and his assumption that his viewers know absolutely nothing as an easy way to learn more about the program. I highly suggest watching the full video below if the topic is something of interest to you.

You can get started creating video games by following along with Francis by downloading the free version of Game Maker at YoYo Games website.

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