Guns Akimbo Official Trailer Shows Daniel Radcliffe in a Real Life Deathmatch

Guns Akimbo Official Trailer Shows Daniel Radcliffe in a Real Life Deathmatch

Daniel Radcliffe finds himself in a real-life live-streamed deathmatch.

An absolutely insane and NSFW trailer for Guns Akimbo launched last night, and it stars Daniel Radcliffe with guns for hands. The trailer is embedded below, but it’s worth being careful where you watch it, especially if you’re at work.

The first images of Radcliffe appeared on the internet with him in a dressing gown with two guns in his bloody hands. The image rightfully became a meme. In 2019, Guns Akimbo premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival. And as of last night, the trailer launched with us expecting to see it land in March.

Radcliffe plays the role of Miles, a video game developer who winds up on the dark web watching a live-stream of an illegal, but very real deathmatch run by Skizm. He’s then unwillingly chosen as a contestant after leaving an inflammatory comment on the stream. He’s given 24-hours to kill Nix, a top player who’s hunting him down. The film follows him fighting for his life as he goes against Skizm and tries to survive against Nix.

Oh, and when he regains consciousness, he finds he has two pistols physically bolted to his hands. As the trailer plays out we see a lot of dark comedy and the struggles Radcliffe’s character faces with having guns for hands. It certainly does look to be a stylistically impressive film with slow motion, and trippy camera angles.

The film is also said to touch on elements from video games such as Mortal Kombat. It’s also due to echo elements from Scott Pilgrim vs. the World as well as The Purge franchise. I suppose it also gives us an insight into what watching a real-life Battle Royale would feel like? The question is, would this be streamed on Twitch’s IRL section?

You can watch the sweary, bloody trailer below. The film is due to launch in theatres on March 5, 2020.