Guns and Robots’ New Arena Welcomes You to the Hellfire

on November 15, 2014 2:26 PM

Masthead Studios has announced their new arena for their free-to-play shooter, Guns and Robots entitled Hellfire.

Hellfire allows players to step into a subterranean dungeon maze to explore. Available for all game modes, the small underground spaces are intended for action sequences, while retaining a very strategic element because of the multiple options for players to plant special devices over the map.

Players will discover that lava pits and ruins will mix with terrifying scenery alongside towers that leads players towards multiple mazes like corridors and platforms.

In addition to the map, the developers have added an “invite friends” buttons while fixing several issues with the game, including the following:


  • Freezing in initial garage loading in web player fixed
  • Info-screen scrollbars fixed
  • Info-screen long names display properly
  • Testing ground bug fixes
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