Gust Announces New Project with Teaser Trailer (Updated)

Gust Announces New Project with Teaser Trailer (Updated)

Teaser trailer for Gust's New Project, probably a 2019 release JRPG. Full reveal with more info coming on May 28, 2019.

On May 23, Gust and Koei Tecmo published a short teaser video for a new, unannounced game project. More details will be revealed on May 28.

The short teaser shows three characters together in a vast plain. We can hear the sound of cicadas crying, indicating it’s taking place during summer. The text on the trailer reads “our adventure begins”. That catchphrase, along with the characters’ designs, the weapons they wield, and the background all seem to indicate a fantasy JRPG. But we’ll only know for sure on May 28.

The 2019 date on the trailer probably hints the title will launch by the end of the year.

I’m also wondering about the staff behind this new project, so hopefully, they will reveal that on May 28 instead of just going with the game’s title and platforms. During an Atelier Lulua event I didn’t have the time to cover, like many other things, Kishida Mel stated he’ll keep working with Gust again on future games, so that might be him. I can’t say for sure without seeing the characters’ faces though.

Personally speaking, once seeing “Gust New Project Trailer”, I was expecting the announcement of Nights of Azure 3, but this looks way too bright and cheery for it. Nights of Azure 1 was a satisfying action RPG and Yuri story despite its many faults. Its sequel, however, was a massive disappointment on every level, so I’ve been waiting for Gust to release a third entry to make up for it.

In any case, you can find Gust’s new project’s teaser trailer below.

Update: Koei Tecmo opened a teaser site and published a new visual with a dragon.