Guts and Glory Continues to Avoid Saw Blades with Early Access Patches

Guts and Glory Continues to Avoid Saw Blades with Early Access Patches

Guts and Glory is all about racing through obstacles in unconventional vehicles to avoid dismemberment. HakJak Productions released the game for Steam Early Access back in February and is continuing to add content as they work towards an official release. It currently retails for $9.99 USD but no date has been given for the final product.

If the jetpack lawn chair doesn’t catch your interest, than maybe the bike with a father and son team on it will. These ragdolls in vehicles are just waiting to be carved up by ridiculous hazards (turrets anyone) and you will die a lot in this tough as nails driving-sim.

HakJak is currently doing all the right things in Early Access: taking feedback from the community, releasing patches, having an open communication, and having a dark sense of humor about their product.

And while you chase the glory of staying alive, you can also add to the chaos as well. A level editor comes with the beta build and has an easy to navigate menu to place down ramps, killable pedestrians, and explosive boxes.

The latest Guts and Glory patch mainly contained fixes to the menu system but hid a few interesting tidbits as well:

Fixed Settings Menu bugs and other improvements:

  • -Fixed Shadow Projection type not saving between reloads.
  • -Fixed LOD Bias slider not adjusting to quality presets; fixed slider resetting on scene reloads
  • -Fixed Global Volume resetting when scene changed
  • -Fixed level load cams being reset back to origina on some tracks.
  • -Improved Main Menu GUI text clarity
  • -Fixed default settings
  • -Fixed LOD Bias minimum too low
  • -Fixed Auto-resolution/full screen reversion after respawn/new level
  • -Fixed shadow cascading bug (caused glitchy/blobby looking shadows)
  • -Fixed road shader errors (Yang Track #1)
  • -Fixed Boost Meter dissappearing bug
  • -Some improvements to video capture compatibility (some OBS issues persist; new settings will be added later to remove post-processing FX that may be interferring; will revisit this issue later)
  • -General Qualtiy Presets now change the applicable sub-settings to match
  • -Revised Quality Setting presets
  • -Escape key now exits the Setting Menu too
  • -Improved loading screen checks for reliability on slower machines
  • -Improved Music Manager (please report if music tracks suddenly stop playing; check audio settings first please)
  • -Upgraded FPS counter; faster and more accurate; also moved to bottom middle of screen so it can be used in Level Editor
  • -Added Anti-Aliasing post-processing settings (experimental… G&G uses Deferred Rendering, which does not allow ‘true’ AA processing but has other benefits). Removed old test script.
  • -Removed Texture setting (found no real performance savings and caused GUI issues)
  • -Removed Settings Menu from Pause Menu to improve stability across machines and make future troubleshooting faster and easier


  • Fixed bug that caused blue Workshop button to not activate Steam Overlay when returning from a level.
  • Improved car destruction: More impact points and detachable parts. More reliable collision detection. Optimized processing time. (more work needed for very high speed collisions)
  • Swinging Logs now auto-reverse upon collision. Useful for new level creation scenarios. This feature will also be used for the upcoming new Hazards: Giant Baseball Bats and Sledgehammers.

The post ended with: ‘[The n]ext update will [contain] the final four Yang tracks’. Maybe this is hinting that maybe completion isn’t that far off. But that’s just speculation so we’ll just have to keep an eye out in our totally safe rocket lawn chair to see what lies on the horizon.

The Guts and Glory Early Access trailer is below: