Gwent Yennefer's Journey - Season 4 Update, Patch Notes, Rewards, Premium Pass Details

Gwent Yennerfer's Journey kicks of Gwent's fourth season.

February 9, 2021

Today, February 9, CD Projekt Red has released details of the latest Gwent update, titled Gwent Yennefer’s Journey. The update offers a new story, level progression and lots of rewards. Let’s take a deep dive into what the update entails.

Gwent Yennefer’s Journey – What is Journey?

Journey, in Gwent, is a level-based progression system. It works very much like a Battle Pass seen in other popular games, such as Apex Legends and Call of Duty: Warzone. It allows players to work their way through a variety of levels and unlock a range of rewards. The mode is available on any platform where players can currently play Gwent.

How much does it cost?

There are two progression paths within the Journey mode, one free, one premium. Anybody who plays Gwent gets instant access to the free path, however, players who want to earn better rewards will have to pay. The Premium Pass costs £7.49 (or the equivalent price) and instantly comes with a legendary Yennefer Skin. Players who want a headstart can purchase the Premium Pass + 25 Levels. This comes with the Legendary Yennefer Skin and 20 ornaments.


How does it work?

Every victory across any of Gwent’s Seasonal, Standard or Draft game modes earns Journey progression. The mode also includes a daily log in bonus that speeds up progression and rewards for progressing past level 100.

Players can earn rewards such as avatars and Reward Points in the free tier and over 50 different ornaments in the premium tier. By levelling up, players will unlock customisation options for Yennefer’s legendary leader skin including a range of outfits, auras, and accessories. Players will also be able to earn new coin skins, animated avatars, borders, and new cardbacks. The mode contains over 200 USD worth of rewards.

The mode will also reveal new details about Yennefer’s backstory in the form of a bunch of different exclusive artworks.

The Journey will end alongside the Season of the Elves on April 30, and at that point, no further progression can be made. Full details on the mode can be found here.

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