Gylt is an Stadia-Exclusive Original Horror Game From RiME Developers Tequila Works

Gylt is an Stadia-Exclusive Original Horror Game From RiME Developers Tequila Works

The next title from RiME developer Tequila Works is Gylt, a horror survival game exclusively for Google Stadia.

Tequila Works unveiled their next project during the Google Stadia Connect stream, and it’s a pretty creepy one called Gylt. The company behind RiME, The Sexy Brutale, and Deadlight will release Gylt exclusively on Google Stadia, showing off an extended trailer during the Connect event. The world of the game is a strange blend of fantasy and reality, and it looks quite scary as hell.

Players will take control of a young girl named Sally, exploring what appears to be an empty and desolate version of the world we live in. It is populated by “terrible creatures,” apparently created from fears and nightmares. Playing as Sally searching for her missing cousin Emily, players will need to hide and escape from this terrifying world, as they are “confronted with the emotional impact of [their] actions.”

The monster and creature design and graphical effects give me a lowkey Stranger Things vibe, with the environment reminding me of Stephen King’s The Mist. It appears that the game will have stealth and puzzle elements, having to sneak away from creatures and use the environment to navigate the world and create escape routes. It’s dark, atmospheric, and has an inherent sense of urgency.

Check out the full trailer and a few screenshots for Gylt below. It is joined by another Stadia original game called Get Packed, a far cry from this game, with colorful graphics and party gameplay. No release date was announced, though it is likely that the game will launch with the Google Stadia service in November with a number of other video games.