H1Z1: Battle Royale on PS4 Is Launching Out of Open Beta on August 7

H1Z1: Battle Royale on PS4 Is Launching Out of Open Beta on August 7

Daybreak Game Company is excited to announce that H1Z1 will be leaving Open Beta on PS4 with a full launch on Tuesday, August 7

H1Z1: Battle Royale, or as Daybreak Games like to call it “the original Battle Royale experience”,  is finally breaking free of its beta status and releasing itself upon the world of gaming. Bringing with it a host of goodies for its fans in the way of a new vehicle and new weapons.

Producer Terrence Yee wrote on the PlayStation blog that:

“We’re excited to bring two new weapons to H1Z1: the explosive RPG and deadly SOCOM semi-automatic sniper rifle. The RPG has particular utility against vehicles, while the SOCOM slots in between the Scout Rifle and M40 Sniper Rifle (now a one-shot kill to the head, even with a helmet) to add another tactical layer to long-range gunfights. These two new weapons fulfill specific combat roles our community has been asking for, and we can’t wait for players to get their hands on them.”

“Also shaking up gameplay is a new vehicle: the ARV. This powerful personnel carrier fits a whole fives squad, and includes a hatch for your best marksman to pop out the top”

In addition, Daybreak Games announced the Battle Pass Season 1 which lets players unlock new content by completing missions. There are three reward lines available to players for free, for a premium, and for PlayStation Plus subscribers. There will also be two new launch bundles, a Hardline Deluxe Bundle ($34.99) and Viber Starter Bundle ($4.99) to let players customize their characters before jumping in.

Daybreak Games seem to be on the ball lately with content and moving its Battle Royale game forward, as it was only last month that they revealed a new trailer, a remastered version of the fan favorite map ‘Outbreak’, and some other updates.

H1Z1: Battle Royal is available now on PC, and leaves open beta on PS4 August 7