Check Out a Few Minutes of H1Z1’s PS4 Battle Royale Gameplay

Check Out a Few Minutes of H1Z1’s PS4 Battle Royale Gameplay

The latest video from H1Z1 showcases some footage from the game's battle royale gameplay to hype its upcoming PS4 release.

With every game on God’s green Earth getting a battle royale mode in some way, shape, or form, I think it’s really time for us to get back to our roots—to some of the earlier incarnations of the battle royale hype…aside from the Japanese movie and manga and Hunger Games, I guess. To wit, we return to H1Z1: Daybreak Game Company’s free-to-play battle royale title fresh from early access!

Once a zombie-survival title, H1Z1‘s full release evolved into what has become the genre of choice for hopeful developers: battle royale. Players are dropped into an environment via parachutes, where their movements are restricted by the machinations of other players and the ever-encroaching toxic gas that forces close-quarters play. Players must scavenge for loot and air drops in order to give themselves the edge they need to murder the shit out of everyone else.

Though H1Z1 PC players have had the opportunity to enjoy the game since its evolution from early-access to full, free-to-play game for several years now, the game will be coming to the PS4 on May 22, 2018—some couple of days away. To hype up this release, the folks at PlayStation Underground had a chance to get hands-on with some of the PS4 gameplay in a video you can watch below, if you’re so inclined.

The gang at PlayStation Underground are joined by Daybreak Combat and Systems Designer Tony Morton, who explains a bit about some of the updates to the game and how it made the transition to PS4. All of this dialogue happens over top of one of their players desperately attempting to survive to varying degrees of success. The folks at PlayStation Underground seem to enjoy their hands-on time with the demo and Mr. Morton provides some interesting insights into their thought process going into the shift to PS4, so check out the video below if you’re interested.

H1Z1 will be arriving on PS4 come May 22, 2018, though it has been available for PC players for some time now. There are plans for an Xbox One release as well, though no date has been announced yet as to when. If you want to hear what we thought of the H1Z1 move to PS4, you can check out our preview of the game here.