H1Z1 Maintains Pace Boasting 4.5 Million Players on PS4 in Three Days

H1Z1 doesn't let up its pace -- Daybreak Game Company announced the Battle Royale beta on PS4 is well-over 4.5 million players.

May 27, 2018

It was a fairly big surprise that Daybreak Game Company’s PS4 beta of H1Z1: Battle Royale landed 1.5M players in its first 24 hours. However, much more shocking is the fact that the game is keeping up with that pace. In the first three days of launch, H1Z1: Battle Royale reported 4.5M players — and a surprise for those playing.

News comes by way of H1Z1‘s official Twitter account. Reporting on the success of the PS4 beta, Daybreak announced that the game has reached more than 4.5M players. Even better, that number was reached only three days past launch:

In celebration of the accomplishment, Daybreak sent all players a Barbed Hellfire 4-6 in-game. For those who haven’t played the game, the Barbed Hellfire is a variation of the gun below:


Though not sporting the classy blue color.

Although 4.5 million players is a great statistic (and included the DualShockers community team), we have no idea how successful the game is for developer Daybreak. Because the game is a free-to-play beta on PS4, it is nearly impossible to gauge profitability. However, that’s not to say the business model isn’t working for competitor Fortnite: Battle Royale.

However, we may be able to make some comparisons to State of Decay 2. Yesterday, Undead Labs revealed a million players in the first six days for PC and Xbox One. While a comparison between free-to-play H1Z1 Battle Royale and State of Decay 2, it’s interesting to see similar statistics from console exclusives.

Daybreak revealed in late April that H1Z1: Battle Royale would launch on beta for PS4 in late May. DualShockers got the opportunity to preview the game before launch, and had mostly positive things to say. Specifically, we enjoyed that Daybreak wasn’t looking to simply port the game from PC with faulty controls.

H1Z1: Battle Royale is available now for both PC and Xbox One.

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