Haachama (Akai Haato) Hiatus - How the Hololive VTuber Came Back, Reddit Shitpost Review Return Explained

Everything you should know about the hiatus and comeback of Haachama - Check out her new take on the Reddit Shitpost Review

July 27, 2021

Hololive VTuber Haachama alias Akai Haato is back from her hiatus, and there’s a particularly heartwarming reason behind her return – she also started her own Reddit Shitpost Review videos, inheriting the tradition from Kaichou.

Disgaea 6: Defiance of Destiny – Hololive Trailer

Disgaea 6: Defiance of Destiny – Hololive Trailer

Haachama hiatus and comeback explained

Akai Haato first went into hiatus on June 13, 2021, shocking the VTuber community and fans wih a surprise announcement. Back then, she did not give out a reason for her hiatus. However, several fans noted Akai Haato already took a break in April 2021, for her mental health.

Many fans guessed that Akaii Haato decided to prioritize her own health after hearing about Kaichou’s graduation and thinking of her own future. After all, Akai Haato is one of the VTubers who dedicates themselves the most to their streams and lore.

Akai Haato most notably handled the infamous Hololive horror arc, weaving the tale of Akai Haato and her persona shadow-like personality Haachama, fighting over the same body and channel. Haachama would regularly rewrite things up to fit with the various theories fans came up with. Being a VTuber is mentally taxing in the first place. Even more so when you’re as emotionnaly invested as Haachama.

Why did Haachama come back and inherit the Reddit shitposting review segment?

In her comeback stream, Haachama explained at around the 2minute mark she had an IRL meeting with Kaichou and Amane Kanata. The three of them went to eat lunch together. The chat they had motivated Haachama to restart her activities.

Furthermore, Haachama explained she wanted to spend summer with us. She apologized for making us worry and thanked us for supporting her. She also teased some new content and ideas coming this summer, to make up for her abscence.

Moreover, it’s offiical now, Haachama is inheriting the Reddit Shitpost Review segment from Kiryu Coco. She already held one, and she did a pretty good job translating the English jokes and puns for the Japanese viewers. Funnily enough, the Hololive EN Reddit members are preparing themselves for future videos too. Knowing that Haachama is now watching them. Finally, Haachama fans are also organizing worldwide to show their support. Most notably with the World Wide Support for Saikyo Idol project.

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