.hack//G.U. PS4 and PC Remaster .hack//G.U. Last Recode Gets Even More Screenshots of New Volume 4

.hack//G.U. PS4 and PC Remaster .hack//G.U. Last Recode Gets Even More Screenshots of New Volume 4

Bandai Namco releases even more shiny screenshots of the new .hack//G.U. Last Recode Volume 4 for PS4 and PC.

Following the reveal on Famitsu and the first batch from Bandai Namco Entertainment America, the European arm of the company reached out with a .hack//G.U. Last Recode press kit including even more screenshots of the completely new Volume 4 that will be included in the remaster.

Of course, be wary of spoilers if you haven’t played the first three volumes, as the fourth is a direct sequel of Volume 3: Redemption.

We get to see a message from CC Corp as Haseo logs into The World R:2 for the first time in eighteen months after having quit the MMORPG. He learns that the game is going to close, and that he has only a few days to rescue Ovan from a giant ice pillar in which he is trapped.

We see how he tries to break the pillar, but he fails, and then meets with his old friends from the Canard guild that will accompany him in this new adventure to save Ovan before time (and the servers) runs out.

We also get another look at Haseo’s fifth form, that he’ll achieve in the new chapter, including a brand new weapon, and at Kusabira, a new character who is said to hold the key to this new story.

At the moment there is no western release date for the remaster, that will launch in Japan on November 1st for PS4 and PC.

For now all we know is the previously announced a “late 2017” window for North America and Europe.

Luckily for those who love Japanese voice acting, dual audio (English and Japanese) has also been confirmed officially a few weeks ago, on top of English, German and French subtitles. You can also check out another large batch of recent screenshots, and the first trailer. Of course, you’ll find all the new screenshots in the gallery below.