HackyZack is Coming to Nintendo Switch Next Week

HackyZack is Coming to Nintendo Switch Next Week

HackyZack, a platformer that revolves around juggling balls, is coming to Switch on August 23, having already been released on Steam.

Digerati is bringing the unique puzzle-platformer HackyZack to Switch very soon. Developed by Spaceboy Games, and originally released on Steam by Humble Bundle, this version of the game will have features exclusive to the Switch.

As one might guess, HackyZack has players control a character named Zack, as he traverses through “100+ levels across 6 challenging worlds.” The player will wall-jump and juggle balls with Breakout-level precision with a variety of balls, including slo-mo and extra-bouncy.

Those who have stopped laughing at the frequency of the world “balls” can try out Goal Mode and Target Mode, which will give players “stickers” to unlock time-trial challenge levels and and new playable characters. The main selling point for the Switch is the console-exclusive co-op mode, which will allow two players to experience the game together. Finally, the game touts a “relaxing, stress-alleviating soundtrack.”

HackyZack will release on Switch on August 23, and is already available on PC through Steam. Check out a trailer and some screenshots below.