Hades Audio Director Teaches You to Play ‘Good Riddance’ on Guitar

Hades Audio Director Teaches You to Play ‘Good Riddance’ on Guitar

Learn to play one of the tracks from Hades.

If you’ve been keeping eyes on the gaming scene for the last few weeks you’ll have no doubt seen Hades doing the rounds, racking up those favorable scores, and you can see why in our review here. However, if you’re a fan of the game’s soundtrack and enjoy plucking those strings on a guitar, then the composer of the game, Darren Korb has recorded a tutorial video to show you how to play one of the tracks from the game.

The video is filmed in one of those guitar tab tutorials, featuring Darren himself. The track in question is the melody from ‘Good Riddance’ that plays as you come across Eurydice in Asphodel and features a fairly easy-to-follow fingerpicking style. Check the video out below.

You’ll notice that the video splits with the sheet music present as well as the TAB, so you can follow along as he walks you through step-by-step on how to play the fingerpicked melody on an acoustic guitar. He does reveal that for the actual soundtrack he used a bağlama, a Turkish string instrument. The video also reveals that Darren is also the vocalist behind Orpheus’ singing voice as demonstrated throughout the tutorial.

It’ll be interesting to see if more of these tutorials come out for any of the other tracks. If you love the soundtrack and want to get your earholes wrapped around the musical goodness, you can find the full OST available on the developer’s website.

Hades is the latest title from Supergiant Games and an Action RPG with roguelike elements as you attempt to escape the Underworld. The game has had a good run in Early Access which saw 700,000 copies sold, and then since it’s launch it has amassed over 1 million copies sold.

You can get Hades on PC, and Nintendo Switch. The Switch version stealth launched on the platform on the day it left Early Access, and while cross-save progression isn’t available at launch, it will be arriving in a later update.