Hades Cosplayer Looks God-like

Hades has turned a lot of heads this year for being a great game, but now its turning heads for having great cosplay.

Hades has been in the gaming conversation for some time now, ever since its early access release back in 2018. However, it has gained a substantial amount of press and players when it officially launched in September of this year. Because it has been praised by fans and critics alike for its stellar character design, it seemed like incredible cosplays were inevitable. Twitter user @Geheichou posted their take on Zagreus and it’s insane.

The original tweet says that it’s just a makeup test before they put the whole cosplay together but, the images they posted tell a different story: user @Geheichou looks like Zagreus brought to life. Between the colored contact lenses, exceptional brow makeup, and picture-perfect wig, the cosplay looks like it’s already done.

Obviously, what they’re most likely referring to being incomplete is the actual outfit itself, but they could be wearing a sheet and as long as they have their wig and makeup on, everybody would recognize them.

In a later post, they showed off another stunning Zagreus picture. In this one, Zagreus is picking up a boon from the goddess Aphrodite and it’s incredible. Take a look for yourself:

@Geheichou is a Spanish cosplayer who has done stellar work for all sorts of iconic characters. Howl from Howl’s Moving Castle, Kicks from Animal Crossing, and Cloud from Final Fantasy VII, are all a part of their repetiteur and deserve to be featured.

You can find @Geheichou’s Twitter, Instagram, and art account right here.

For more great cosplays, make sure to check out our tag to never miss an article. Our review of Hades, written by DualShockers’ Kris Cornelisse, can be found right here. For more on Hades, check out this article on its potential to be considered for “Game of the Year” at this year’s Game Awards.

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