Hades Fan Art Denotes a Stunning Painting of Zagreus

Hades Fan Art Denotes a Stunning Painting of Zagreus

Check out this amazing digital painting of Zagreus from Supergiant's successful game, Hades.

If you haven’t played Hades yet, what the heck have you been doing? Supergiant’s latest masterpiece has already seen a huge success, selling more than 1,000,000 copies and already selling around 700,000 copies in early access. Hades initially launched into early access in December 2018 and since then, we’ve had updates that include The Long Winter in which brought Demeter, the Goddess of Seasons, into the game and also new boons, Guan Yu, a unique new aspect for the Eternal Spear and a fishing rod that allows players to fish in the Underworld. Not only is Hades brilliant fun to play, but have you checked out the games beautiful artwork yet? To showcase its outstanding visual beauty, artist Hashiara has put together a wonderful piece of art of Zagreus from the game.


Hashiara, a young self-taught artist from Finland, has captured Zagreus from Supergiant’s latest game Hades in a spellbinding digital painting. In case you haven’t jumped into Hades yet, Zagreus is the son of Hades, Prince of the Underworld, and is the protagonist of the game. Due to the constant feeling that he is out of place and doesn’t belong in the House of Hades, Zagreus picks up the courage to finally try to escape the Underworld, even if that means angering his father but that doesn’t stop him from taking on the task even if it takes him a hell of a lot of tries. Hashiara depicts a strong and courageous Zagreus in her painting, making him almost dream-like with the floaty aspect of coloring and shading used. With his Stygian Blade in hand and a look of determination, Zagreus looks like he is ready to take on the many enemies that lay in wait for him – maybe even Megaera, one of the three Fury Sisters and adoptive daughter of Nyx.

If you’re interested in seeing how Hashiara constructed this work of art, you can check out her speedpainting video below that showcases how the digital painting went from a blank slate to a beautiful and colorful vision of the prince of the underworld. You can also check out Hashiara’s other pieces of art on Deviant Art, ArtStation, and Twitter.

Hades is out now on Nintendo Switch and PC. If you’re interested in getting to know a little more about this roguelike game, make sure to check out our review of it where we ended up giving it a big fat 10/10.