Hades Gets Funky With Alex Moukala's Bass Cover

That's a godlike bass line.

January 25, 2021

It’s no secret that Hades was the most popular roguelike game that came out last year, acquiring many Game of the Year awards, including one from us right here at DualShockers. A pantheon of fan art and cosplay for the game has been created since its official launch back in September. This morning, musician Alex Moukala posted his bass rendition of a popular Hades track.

The song Moukala is covering is called “The Painful Way.” Hades fans will recognize it from when it plays as Zagreus makes his way through Tartarus. The cover matches the energy of the song and game perfectly and is nothing short of exceptional. At the end of the day, Moukala’s bass cover of the song is fresh as hell (get it?).


If you liked that Hades bass cover and are looking for more, Moukala’s Twitter account is just the place for you. He regularly posts covers of video game music including Octopath TravelerFinal Fantasy VI, and Persona 5. Additionally, his YouTube channel has full covers on it as well as orchestral arrangements for games that he creates himself.

For more great Hades fan content, check out this fan art that reimagines the characters with techwear. The outfits are flashy and the art is so spot on that it looks like it almost made its way into the actual game. If you liked Hades so much that you would want it to sit in your living room forever, check out this fan-made arcade cabinet that captures the essence of classic cabinets and reimagines it with a Hades theme. The biggest problem with the cabinet is that it’s not for sale and that I can’t have one.

Make sure to check out DualShockers’ full written review of Hades right here and stick with us for more underworld coverage.

Peter Hunt Szpytek

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