Hades Has Officially Been Beaten with a Dance Pad

Hades Has Officially Been Beaten with a Dance Pad

It was bound to happen sooner or later.

When Dance Dance Revolution pads were made widely available for at-home gaming, gamers everywhere rejoiced. Not only could they play their favorite rhythm game/cardio workout at home, but they could also plug their dance mats into their system of choice and do crazy challenge runs from the comfort of their living rooms. Streamer PeekingBoo has done just that by adding Hades to the ever-growing list of games officially completable on the dance pad.

Earlier this week, PeekingBoo fought off Hades’ last boss, the lord of the Underworld himself, with his two pad dance setup on Twitch. With some simple button mapping, he was able to simulate using a joystick/d-pad with his left dance pad and the four main combat buttons mapped to his right.

Less than a week prior, PeekingBoo was struggling to get past the game’s second boss, the Bone Hydra, with his dance pads. Clearly, something clicked and he was able to pull through with his first “escape.”

This is not PeekingBoo’s first DDR rodeo, however. He completes a handful of other games using the dance pads on his Twitch channel including Celeste, Kirby: Planet Robotand Mario 64. When speaking about the process in one of his recent Celeste streams he said, “I’m probably not going to be as fast as what you guys have been watching, but, in fairness, I’m probably the fastest you’ll ever watch with dance pads. Maybe, unless someone else does it.”

PeekingBoo will be participating in January’s AGDQ, so if you’re looking for more of his content you can find him there or you can follow his Twitch channel right here. If you’re looking for more streamers beating games in crazy ways, check out this article on Super Louis 64’s attempt at beating Demon’s Souls with a Donkey Kong bongo controller or this one about Nihlus5’s blindfolded Super Smash Bros. Melee run.