Hades is Stealth Launching on Nintendo Switch Today Alongside Exit from Early Access

Hades is Stealth Launching on Nintendo Switch Today Alongside Exit from Early Access

Hades has finally reached its 1.0 state on PC and will also be heading to the Switch platform later today.

Supergiant Games announced earlier this year that it would be bringing its currently-in-development roguelike Hades to the Nintendo Switch platform at some point later in 2020. Well, it turns out that the time to do exactly that is today, apparently.

Surprisingly announced during today’s Nintendo Direct Mini presentation, Supergiant revealed that Hades will be coming to the Switch later today. While the game won’t be launching with cross-save functionality right away, this will mark the first appearance of Hades on a platform other than PC.

That said, it also raises questions about the status of Hades as a whole. Supergiant previously said that it wouldn’t release the game on Switch until it was fully complete and reached its 1.0 state on PC. While an announcement regarding the game’s exit from early access still hasn’t been given by the developer, someone on our own staff here at DualShockers has verified that their own version of Hades on Steam recently began downloading what looks to be this 1.0 patch.

It also remains to be seen if stealth launches on other platforms could occur, too. Hades has been confirmed to be heading to PS4 as well, but again, Supergiant Games has yet to say if today’s release is only for those on Switch or if it’ll now be widely out on all platforms. We’ll keep you updated as the day goes forward.

Regardless, Hades seems pretty rad and I have heard countless people whose opinions that I trust praise the game in its early access iteration. I’m excited to give it a whirl for myself.